I’m sorry
That sometimes I’m very loud
And talk about things that aren’t really important
Or laugh for just a bit too long at a joke that wasn’t even funny
I’m sorry that sometimes
I get angry for no reason
And I’ll yell at you
Or slam my hand down on the table
Even though you didn’t do anything wrong
I’m sorry that sometimes
I’m sad
For days and days on end
And my loneliness wraps itself around me
Till it’s all I can see
Even though you are right here
Some days
I won’t be able to breathe or talk or move and it won’t matter what you say
I still can’t break free
Just know
That none of that is your fault
And it doesn’t matter if I’m happy, sad, angry, mad
If it’s Tuesday or Monday
March or December
I will always always always love you
For darling
You are my forever.
Can I Be Yours?— Lily Rain (via wont-time-love-us)